Cotton Rugs

A simple, fresh and washable collection, our 100% cotton rugs are perfect for relaxed, modern living. Each year we carefully choose a fresh colour palette. These rugs offer you the chance to create intricate patterns in a tempting array of colours, from the bright, vibrant and bold to more subtle pastels. We're here to provide all the guidance and inspiration you need.


Every rug is handwoven to order. We can source precisely what you need for your home or interior design project at any size and dimensions up to a maximum of 4m x 6m. 


Our 2016 palette is inspired by what we see in the world around us and our passion for nature is at the heart of these 12 colours, including duck egg, pistachio, raspberry, charcoal and coral. 


Our cotton rugs have a crisp, tight weave that is much flatter than our Karakul wool rugs. They possess good weight and substance but without feeling overly chunky. They feel strong and develop a natural flex with use.


Indulge in a wonderful selection of colours and let your imagination run free, as we can design almost any pattern in this highly versatile material.


Get in touch to discuss what we can create for you in this pure, natural cotton.