Coral & Hive is proud to be a main stockist of Armadillo&Co rugs in South Africa. Every Armadillo&Co product is 100% handmade by an extended family of artisans in India using Fair Trade practices. Materials are carefully sourced using natural, recycled and sustainable fibres as part of their ‘reuse, reduce and recycle’ philosophy.

The fibre used in the hemp range is extremely strong, durable and environmentally friendly. It softens up and wears in, but not out, with time. These characteristics make these rugs ideal for family living, with additional natural anti-microbial properties. The fibre has a lovely lustre when spun into yarn, with a natural colour variation.


The circular Perennial collection comes in a range of diameters starting from 1.55m. The rectangular Earth and Junior collections start at 0.8m x 4m, available in varying dimensions up to 3 x 4m. Hallway runners are also available as part of a customised service.


Rugs are made from natural and un-dyed fibres, in an array of colours, including shale, charcoal, white and blends of these. Expect some natural colour variation, albeit minimal, which imbues each rug with a unique character.


Hemp is a strong, durable fibre, which softens with wear. It is robust and forgiving making it ideal for the rigours of family life and for pet owners.


These rugs look beautiful in stripe patterns defined as part of the natural weave and making use of various natural colour combinations. 


Get in touch for a full catalogue or to discuss your rug choice, as well as our customised service for these hemp rugs.