the natural home

Coral & Hive produce custom handwoven rugs created by some of the best weavers in South Africa and India, all our raw materials are ethically sourced. 

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Handwoven Rugs

Our natural rug collection uses pure, handspun Karakul wool, cotton and mohair, handwoven on traditional looms. Our rugs are of the highest quality, extremely durable and available in a myriad of pattern and colour combinations. We work closely with you to create your perfect bespoke rug.

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Respect for the artisan

All our craftspeople earn a fair wage and work in safe and healthy environments. Traditional rug weaving skills are passed down the generations and we provide additional skills programs to further support our weavers and their communities.



Natural interiors


Visit our showroom in Somerset West, Cape Town, where we display our full rug collection alongside other local handmade furnishings, providing a contextual setting for our rugs. It's an inspiring space, with all showcased pieces available to order upon request. 

I launched Coral & Hive, a carefully considered natural home interior brand, to showcase the most beautiful handwoven rugs. I have grown up watching makers and creatives, always admiring and loving their work.

The Coral & Hive journey started in my hometown Somerset West, outside of Cape Town, where we now employ some of the most talented weavers in South Africa. I was hooked the minute I watched the ladies softly singing as they patiently weave the designs on big wooden looms.