White curly mohair + karakul wool blend - handspun + handwoven in sizes up to 5m x 6m

White curly mohair + karakul wool blend - handspun + handwoven in sizes up to 5m x 6m


Mohair Rugs

Mohair, our most luxurious rug fibre, comes from the Angora goat. The rugs are wonderfully warm, lightweight, extremely durable and available in a rainbow of colours. Mohair has unique properties, not found in any other fibre; it has lustre, elasticity, the ability to breathe, a natural resistance to soiling, incredible strength and is non-flammable. Its light-reflecting properties also give these rugs a stunning silky sheen.


Every rug is handwoven to order. We can source precisely what you need for your home or interior design project at any dimension up to a maximum of 4m x 6m.
We also offer two standard sizes:
1.8m x 2.65m
1.5m x 2.1m


Mohair soaks colour very well, with these rugs available in an array of beautiful colours, including antique silver, rose pink, verdigris and chartreuse. Dye trials are also available on bespoke orders to suit any project.


Delightfully silky to touch and with a natural sheen. The weave is smooth and tight and extremely luxurious. These rugs are robust and durable. We can mix our curly and combed fibres to create your rug vision. Mix texture, colours and patterns for creative story rugs.


Watercolour style weaves where we blend the colours gradually look serene. Solid colour rugs are striking. Soft curly mohairs come in calm and monochrome tones. Create a wild pattern inspired by nature, art or something memorable you would like to reflect. Boho patterns are really fun for statement rugs!


Get in touch to discuss what we can create for you in this wonderful, lustrous material.