handwoven wool rugs - coral & hive


Natural wool is the perfect fibre for creating softer rugs in a broader range of designs and colours. It is remarkably durable and will naturally expel dirt and spring back into shape after crushing. It also provides considerable thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Our custom wool rugs are available in a variety of intricate patterns or calm neutral Scandinavian style weaves. 


As part of a customised service these rugs are available in varying dimensions up to 3 x 4m.
We also offer the following standard sizes:
0.9m x 1.8m
1.4m x 2m
1.7m x 2.4m
2m x 3m
3m x 4m 


An extensive range of hand dyed colours are available, from bold and contrasting hues to more subtle and subdued pastels. Or keep it monochromatic with a natural palette. Consult with us to choose your colours from our pom pom box. 


These wool rugs are soft and warm to the touch, with the hand dyeing and sun drying process adding abundant texture and vibrancy to the yarn.


Enjoy intricate heritage style patterns or keep it timeless in neutral tones enhanced by the natural weave of the wool.


Get in touch for a full catalogue or to discuss your rug choice, as well as our customised service for these wool rugs.